Vita Chem Marine 118 ml


  • Increased growth
  • Fabulous intense natural colors
  • Natural vitality restored
  • Appetite restoration
  • Increased resistance to disease
  • Tends to create natural mating & breeding instincts in aquarium environments (fresh & marine)
  • Brings out the natural colors in fish natures way – tested for over 3 years by the most experienced breeders and hobbyists
  • A pre-stabilized multi-vitamin, water and tissue soluble – an exclusive revolutionary new concept in vitamin supplements for fresh water and salt water animals and fishes kept in closed systems. Great for fin regeneration and lateral line disease
  • Vita-chem Marine has 37 added naturally occurring extracts from live organism`s bonded with natural occurring amino acids
  • Vita-chem fresh has 30 added naturally occurring extracts bonded with natural occurring amino acids that are receptive to and absorbed into fish tissues
  • Not just a vitamin solution, it is the only solution that contains what fish receive in their natural environment, and which is lost in captivity
  • Bottled in sealed plastic 4oz bottles, and one gallon bottles for breeders and hatcheries

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