ModernReef Reef-Keeping System 7.7x


  • Developed to enhance one of the most challenging pigments in reef keeping yellow and orange pigments
  • Enhance red, pink, blue, and purple pigments, especially the body and polyps of Acropora corals
  • Stimulate non-fluorescent chromoproteins for better pigmentation
  • Designed for blue side spectrum light reef aquariums for better fluorescent proteins or reflective pigments excitation and stimulation
  • The growth rate is highly improved when used with Complete Reef Food and can be boosted more with a correct white side spectrum light, but the RKS will be consumed more
  • Improves water clarity by enhancing the propagation of sponges and sea squirts
  • No need to test for magnesium and calcium constantly, only KH
  • No need for any other 3rd product like amino acids, mixed trace elements, or any other tagged for coral coloration, polyp extensions, or growth (only Modern Reef – Complete Reef Food and Polypop)
  • Proportional consumption reef-keeping system dosed by calculation to avoid overdose or unnecessary accumulations that may cause problems
  • Free of Nitrates (no3) or Phosphates (po4)
  • Will adapt to any aquarium setup and nutrient export method by finding the maintenance of KH and the ideal KH level that the reef aquarium should use with the calcium level
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