Modern Reef ICP Pro Duo(+RO/DI)


  • 56 parameters of reef aquarium and 49 parameters of osmosis water (105 Total possible parameters).
  • The first and only reef lab with MRNU water clarity analysis created by Modern Reef is included at no additional cost.
  • The first live lab for interactive analysis and guide based on your reef aquarium setup, aquarium type, and method used.
  • Load, create, share, or edit a setpoint preset of a parameter based on objectives like more coral growth, coloration, or both.
  • You can create a “one liquid solution” using Modern Reef supplements to fix the deviations suggested by our system in single dosages or maintenance dosage method to keep parameters based on two water analyses.
  • Our innovative system will assist in solving uncritical anomalies to prevent critical issues before they happen and detect critical anomalies to guide you to solve them based on the chemistry, the reef-keeping method used, and aquarium-type.
  • Options to compare parameters and analysis results side by side using smart charts and tools.
  • Extensive quality control procedure for lab water analysis with precise laboratory-grade reference samples.
  • No automated titration is used! Our water analysis is performed using ICP/OES, IC-Chromatography, and other professional laboratory methods and machines.
  • Fast results! Maximum of 24 hours after receiving with live online sample and lab status.
  • You can rely on professional staff, chemists, and biologists who will take good care of your sample in our labs.
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